Specialized Services

Non-Surgical Gum Care

A word on “deep cleanings”; no where in the ADA dental codes 4355, 4341, 4342 and 4910, will you find the word “cleaning”. Some may consider a colonoscopy a deep cleaning (dental humor).

Periodontal disease can be one of two types; gingivitis and periodontitis. The main difference between the two are that gingivitis involves only the gum tissue, and is often reversible if treated promptly, while periodontitis includes destruction of gum tissue and bone tissue below the gum line, and its effects are usually irreversible.

There are two ways to treat periodontal (gum) disease: surgically and non-surgically. A large majority of patients can be adequately treated non-surgically, if the disease is discovered and treated before it becomes too advanced. Here at River Hills Dentistry, P.A., our approach will generally be non-surgical periodontal treatment, unless warranted. Your non-surgical gum treatment program will consist of two types of appointments: active therapy appointments and re-evaluation appointments.

Active therapy appointments consist of measuring the gums to determine the extent of the disease, scaling and root planing of the teeth to promote healing, irrigation to fight unwanted bacteria, and home care instruction to equip you to restore and maintain health. The re-evaluation appointment, which should be scheduled several weeks after the final active therapy appointment, is an opportunity to measure the amount of improvement obtained, evaluate any problem areas that remain, and discuss the best possible options to maintaining periodontal health in the years to come.

Home Care is an indispensable facet of any successful gum treatment. Our non-surgical gum treatment program is truly a team effort. Our job is to get your teeth as clean and as free of harmful bacteria as they can be. Your job is to maintain that state of cleanliness as thoroughly as possible, and to allow us to periodically remove any plaque or calculus you miss, which will be accomplished at your periodic check-up appointments.

DentalVibe Injection Comfort System

River Hills Dentistry is happy to begin using the DentalVibe Injection System, in an effort to alleviate the discomfort of traditional “shots” to our patients.

Many people loathe going to the dentist as the pain is not limited to just your mouth, but wallet as well once he/she is done with your pearly whites. The DentalVibe device aims to reverse such a trend, offering a new way to eliminate pain completely while your mouth is wide open to scrutiny.

DentalVibe is a multipurpose instrument designed to alleviate injection pain intra-orally.

It is a cordless, rechargeable, hand held device that delivers soothing, pulsed, percussive micro-oscillations to the site where an injection is being administered.

Its proprietary VibraPulse technology gently stimulates the sensory nerves at the injection site, effectively closing the neural pain gate, blocking the pain of injections.

Laser Cavity Finder at River Hills Dentistry

Locating hidden decay before it destroys tooth structure (from the inside out) is a major goal at River Hills Dentistry. Finding cavities beneath the hard surfaces is challenging because the disease process can start through microscopic defects in the hard surface and can spread into the softer tooth structure beneath the surface.

Recently FDA approved this amazing laser cavity finder which instantly and accurately finds cavities in areas x-rays rarely see and the dental pic misses 76% of the time.

Diagnodent is a major breakthrough that allows us to monitor the areas below the hard surfaces. We can now locate hidden decay, and with treatment stop the spread of the disease before it destroys the tooth from within.